Printing Labels of all shapes and sizes

Labels in all shapes and sizes

We rely on printed labels to give us essential information about what we’re buying and using, but their size, shape and design may also influence our choices. Let the Super Heroes, led by Super K, give you a guided tour.

Super K -Large packages and containers need bigger labels, so having a label printer that can produce big labels is essential. It’s really helpful if you don’t have to worry about wasted labels or label rolls splitting when the printer is operated at speed.

Green Label -Specially designed wide format label printers can work at 40 feet per minute and produce labels up to 17 inches in length and between 4 to 8 inches wide which will serve most needs but is also kinder on the planet!

 Captain Danger: – It’s also important to have labels that will stick, especially for hazardous chemicals, where GHS compliant labels are needed.

A BS 5609 Marine Label certificated label printer ensures that your labels will stick, even if they are immersed in sea water and they won’t rub off in sandy conditions either. Durable labels are also essential in oily or dirty conditions such as garages or engineering manufacturers.

Super Hero Ingredentia. – Food labels have different requirements. People want to know which ingredients and additives have been used in processed food, including the nutritional elements such as calories and sugar.

We could be counting calories – perhaps to fit into a special outfit for a wedding or other celebration – and food labelling really helps with this.  It also gives us an idea of when we can reward ourselves with a treat after days of being “good”.

Instructa- Food labels ensure thatwe know how to prepare or cook the food we eat and The Time-Lord checks for use-by dates so that we know our food is safe.

Some containers are long and thin, such as boxes for scissors or screwdrivers, or bars of chocolate.

Super K. No problem – I’m sure we can find a compact, fast label printer that will print labels from 1 to 2.16 inches wide and from 1 to 15.63 inches long. That should do the trick!

Whilst all labels are very important, an in-house label printer means that essential information can be included, even on the tiny labels needed for pharmaceutical products.

Captain Danger -We’re used to triangular road signs that warn of hazards ahead, so it’s no surprise that the same format is used in label printing for chemicals or other potentially dangerous goods.

Other shapes may be more appropriate for different products and it’s good to know that modern digital label printers lend themselves to classic and modern graphic design producing a huge variety of shapes for labels, from circular to oval or square, with serrated edges, straight edges or in shield or starburst shapes.

Super K – An attractive label can help market your product, so choose a design, shape and colour that will appeal to your target market.

  • Record companies are referred to as “labels” and a “big” label refers to a company selling large numbers of records.
  • Labels are used in primary schools to help children learn to read. Objects in the classrooms have bright, colourful labels stuck on them, often with a picture to jog the memory.
  • Many labels have become collector’s items, with associations dedicated to giving information about them and providing a shop window for buying and selling them. Just two examples are beer bottles and match boxes.
  • Labels are the way we choose items to buy, so it pays to make the most of this marketing opportunity.
  • Paper has been used for packaging since around 1035. It was much easier to put labels (or maker’s marks) on paper than other packaging material such as cloth or woven rushes.
  • Early label printing used carved wood blocks to print an image, initially on cloth in the third century AD, then later onto paper.

Hopefully this short tour from Super K and his team of Super Labelling Heroes has given an insight into just what labels can be used for and how most shapes and sizes of labels can be accommodated with a modern label printer.


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