Pakistan National Day 2017 Google doodle Latest

  • Seventy years ago on the night of August 13th, India was partitioned into two and scores of men, women and children boarded trains to cross a brand new border and enter Pakistan. After months of protests and negotiation, British colonial rulers settled the matter at hand, agreeing to the demands of the Muslim League party.  

    Today people wave the country’s green and white flag, with its crescent in the center during celebrations of Pakistan’s Independence. Fireworks, parades, songs, poetry and colorful lights accompany the occasion, and revelers pay respect to the man billed as the father of the country, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. People also chant, “Pakistan Zindabad,” or, “Long Live Pakistan,” a slogan made popular during the movement for Pakistan’s independence.

    Happy 70th Independence Day Pakistan!

  • Some of the past Google doodles for 14 August 2017 are here:

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