What you need to know about Solar Panels [Infographic]

What you need to know about Solar Panels!

Solar Panels are the leading form of domestic renewable energy, and beyond the environmental benefits, there are many reasons to consider photovoltaic cells for your property. There has never been a better time to consider solar panels, so hear is what you need to know.

Solar Panels can make a great investment, not only generating free electricity, but also generating an income thanks to government backed incentives and schemes. Most governments have green initiatives aimed at enticing households to turn to green energy, however there are plans for certain governments to decrease these, so act fast. For example, in the UK, the Feed-in Tariff rate may decrease in January 2016.

There are certain requirements that need to be considered to ensure that solar panels are the right fit for you and your property. The orientation, pitch and structural integrity of your roof are all important as it will affect the amount electricity generated and whether your roof can support the weight of the panels.

Did you know that solar panels still work when it is cloudy? However, the power generated is decreased. Germany is leading the world with its commitment to solar power, despite having a cooler climate with frequent cloudy days. In most cases, planning permission is not required, however there are restrictions for properties within conservation and heritage sites.

An average 3kw solar panel installation will cost £4,000-6,000 and can generate a combined annual saving and profit of over £600. These savings and returns make solar panels a great investment, and you will also be helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint!

The best way to find an affordable solar panel installer is to compare multiple quotes from your local suppliers. It is always recommended that you choose a MCS certified solar panel installer, and check reviews.

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