Sit-in protest near the capital

The government on Monday scrambled to secure the support of religious leaders and ulema from across the political spectrum in a bid to negotiate a peaceful end to the sit-in that has paralysed the capital city for a fortnight.

A meeting of the clerics and scholars, which was also attended by Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal and Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Mohammad Yousuf, resolved to end the protest in a peaceful manner.

The government is under mounting pressure to end the Faizabad protest, and the Islamabad High Court on Monday initiated contempt proceedings against top officials of the Islamabad administration by issuing them show cause notices.

Committee formed to resolve deadlock amicably; ministers’ meeting with protesters remains inconclusive

A committee of leading religious scholars, headed by Pir Hussainuddin, was also constituted to recommend a satisfactory solution to the lingering sit-in.

The meeting also asked that the report of a committee led by Senator Raja Zafarul Haq over the issue of the change in election laws should be made public, and called on the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah to resolve the issue amicably in view of the sanctity of Rabiul Awwal.

Speaking at the occasion, the interior minister claimed that this was not a war between Islam and the unbelievers, adding that any form of haste in trying to resolve the matter could prove counterproductive.The government team also informed the negotiators that separate inquires were being conducted over the issue, and asked the protesters to wait for their recommendations to be finalised.

India to provide medical visa for ailing Pakistani woman

India’s Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, told a Pakistani woman on Twitter on Sunday that her ailing mother would be provided with an Indian visa for treatment.

The minister also said that she asked the mission to look into the request in reply to a user by the name of Nasir Mahmood Ahmad requesting a visa for a kidney transplant .

In September, a seven-year-old child requiring an open heart surgery was issued visa after the mother approached the minister on Twitter.

However, last week, Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Faisal said India attempted to politicise a humanitarian case.Dr Faisal said that the patient suffered due to the wait for the medical visa due to the Indian state’s attitude.

Afghanistan’s intends to fly shipments to India bypassing Pakistan

Afghanistan’s plans to fly shipments from southern fruit growers to India have gone awry, leaving tons of grapes and melons to rot as officials scramble to add flights, while trading blame for the delays.

Horticultural producers, who export nearly $360 million worth of goods each year, have long grappled with the challenges of transport in the mountainous nation. The flights offered them a way around frequent border closures by neighboring Pakistan.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani this week ordered officials to coordinate more closely with the airlines to ensure every flight carried 80 to 100 tons of fruit, the presidential palace said in a statement, after he met business leaders on the issue.

Officials of the chamber of commerce in Kabul say they are trying to negotiate deals with at least one more Afghan airline, Kam Air, besides national carrier Ariana Afghan Airlines, in the effort to add more flights.

Since June 19, just one flight, carrying 60 tonnes of medicinal plants, has left Kandahar, Haji Nasrullah Zaheer, head of the city’s chamber of commerce, told Reuters. “It is fruit season in Kandahar, but the delicate fruit just rotted here due to lack of flights,” he said.

Top Pakistani Funniest Sources of Politics

Pakistani Politicians.......

Everybody knows political temperature is rising in Pakistan, Propakistani Team has put some efforts in finding and sharing some funniest blogs regarding politics and politicians. This post for Millennials only & not to hurt any politician or political party of Pakistan. Please share this with your friends also,


The owner of this blog share some funny stuff regarding Nawaz Sharif , Name of this website is just enough funny to share here , Go Nawaz Go is famous slogan in Pakistan due to its daily usage by Imran khan in his speech. This blog name got first position in this category. The posts shared by owner of this blog are funniest things for PTI followers.



The admin of this page is PRO PTI follower, He always trolls N- League followers with his sarcastic posts, This page is famous these days on Fb due to many reasons like the release of JIT report.


The owner of this website trolls both PMLN & PTI together , He puts the tagline : Who is going to buy this domain Maryam nawaz or Imran khan ? This is funny thing ever watched by me in Politics.


I hope you have also laugh out loud reading the site name in the header, The owner of this site silently trolls the Leader of PPP famous party in Pakistan.



Pmln Lovers here ?? This page is totally managed by Pro Pmln lovers and they constantly trolls the Imran khan from last 5 years, This page admin shares daily funny posts against PTI and makes N Workers happy. If you know any funny source regarding Pakistan Politics please drop us an email we will add it in our list here, Thanks !!

Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)