Abdullah blames Pakistan for Taliban return

Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah blames Pakistan’s two-faced game for the return of the Taliban insurgency.

Speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, Abdullah said the Taliban group returned and resumed its insurgency in Afghanistan due to the two-faced games of neighbouring Pakistan.

Abdullah further added that the decision to withdraw forces from Afghanistan in 2014 also had a negative impact on the country’s security.

Afghan and US officials have been suggesting for some time that the leadership of both the Taliban and the Haqqani network are based in the key cities of Pakistan, from where they plan attacks in Afghanistan.

The US has also increased pressure on Islamabad to take immediate steps for dismantling safe havens of the Taliban and Haqqani network on its soil and in its latest move restricted future military aid to Pakistan to certification of the country’s steps against the two groups.

However, he added that shelling has increased in line with the new anti-terrorist operations launched along the Durand Line.

Gen Khel also said that Pakistani forces have abandoned the fencing work in Spin Bari area of Goshta district of Nangarhar.

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