Zong Supreme Offer Monthly, Zong Super Card 750 Latest 2017

Zong Supreme Offer Monthly gives 3000 free minutes zong to zong networks. Zong supreme offer monthly also gives 300 minutes to Off net network in Pakistan.

Subscribe Zong Supreme Offer Monthly

just Dial ” *3030# “ and you will receive subscription confirmation sms.

Unsubscribe Zong Supreme Offer Monhtly

Just send sms “unsub 750” to “6464” and you will receive unsubscription confirmation sms.

Zong Fortnightly Sms latest package

Subscribe Zong Fortnightly Sms Package

To subscribe to zong fortnightly sms package just send Sms “Sub” to “700” , after receiving text please type 3.

 Unsubscribe to Zong Fortnightly Sms Package

Send sms “unsubscribe” to “700”.

Term and Conditions

  • Zong will Sms you to confirm your package details and charges.Your subscription will automatically begin and you can start using your Sms bundle.
  • 19.5% GST will be applicable on bundle price.
  • For Subscribers in Baluchistan, 18.5% GST is applicable.