Transgender people Attacked In Karachi-Police Investigates surveillance camera footage

Pakistani police say armed men opened fire on a group of transgender people, killing one, in an affluent neighbourhood in Pakistan’s city of Karachi.

Aurangzeb Khattak, a police officer, said the shooting occurred overnight on Wednesday. He said passengers in a 4WD vehicle first harassed the group by throwing rotten eggs at them and then opened fire, resulting in the death of Chanda Sharmeeli.

Khattak said shell casings from a 9mm pistol were found at the scene and that investigators were using surveillance camera footage to trace the 4WD vehicle and arrest the culprits.

Kami Sid, the country’s first transgender model and a fellow of Sharmeeli, told Al Jazeera that the men in the car were “drunk” and forced the murdered person to sit in the car with them.

Transgender people are known as Khusra or Hijra in Pakistan. In conservative South Asia, where sexual relations outside marriage are taboo and homosexuality is illegal, they are often treated as sex objects and often become the victims of violent assault.

Last week, provisional results from Pakistan’s census showed that at least 10,418 people identified themselves as transgender in the country’s first official population count since 1998.

According to a government health ministry estimate made in 2015, however, that number is closer to at least 150,000.

“Most transgenders can’t even file police reports because they don’t have identification, and when they go to police stations they are teased ridiculed.”

In June, the country issued its first third-gender passport to a transgender activist from the northern city of Peshawar.

In 2009, Pakistan became one of the first countries in the world to legally recognise a third gender, allowing those identifying as neither male nor female to obtain national identity documents.

Sharjeel Khan Spot Fixing case- Banned for 5 years

Pakistan batsman Sharjeel Khan has been banned for five years for his part in a spot-fixing ring.

A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) tribunal handed down the punishment following a hearing on Wednesday, but two and a half years of the ban is suspended.

Sharjeel Khan playing for Pakistan against Australia in 2016

The PCB has been conducting a long-running investigation into corruption in the Twenty20 Pakistan Super League.

Sharjeel, 28, has played one Test match, 25 one-day internationals and 15 Twenty20 internationals for Pakistan.

The full findings will be released at a later date.

Spot-fixing is where the outcome of a particular passage of play is pre-determined, as opposed to fixing the outcome of a match.

Astrophysicists predict Earth-like planet in star system-Physics

Astrophysicists at the University of Texas at Arlington have predicted that an Earth-like planet may be lurking in a star system just 16 light years away.                                

The team investigated the star system Gliese 832 for additional exoplanets residing between the two currently known alien worlds in this system. Their computations revealed that an additional Earth-like planet with a dynamically stable configuration may be residing at a distance ranging from 0.25 to 2.0 astronomical unit (AU) from the star.

“According to our calculations, this hypothetical alien world would probably have a mass between 1 to 15 Earth’s masses,” said the lead author Suman Satyal, UTA physics researcher, lecturer and laboratory supervisor. The paper is co-authored by John Griffith, UTA undergraduate student and long-time UTA physics professor Zdzislaw Musielak.

The astrophysicists published their findings this week as “Dynamics of a probable Earth-Like Planet in the GJ 832 System” in The Astrophysical Journal.


Gliese 832b and Gliese 832c were learned by the radial velocity technique, which detects variations in the speed of the central star, due to the changing direction of the gravitational pull from an unseen exoplanet as it orbits the star. By simply regularly looking at the spectrum of a superstar – and so, calculating its velocity – one can see if it moves periodically due to the influence of a companion.

“We also used the integrated data from the time evolution of orbital parameters to make the synthetic radial speed curves of the known and the Earth-like exoplanets in the system, inch said Satyal, who received his Ph. D. in Astrophysics from UTA in 2014. “We obtained several radial velocity curves for varying masses and ranges indicating any new midsection planet, ” the astrophysicist noted.

As an example, if the new planet is located around 1 AU from the star, it includes an upper mass limit of 10 Earth masses and a made radial acceleration signal of 1. 4 meters per second. A planet with about the mass of the Soil perfectly location would have radial velocity signal of only 0. 14 m/s, thus smaller and hard to find with the current technology.

“The lifestyle of this possible world is supported by long lasting orbital stability of the system, orbital dynamics and the synthetic radial acceleration signal analysis”, Satyal said. “At the same time frame, a significantly large number of radial speed observations, transit method studies, as well as immediate imaging are still required to confirm the occurrence of possible new planets in the Gliese 832 system. inches

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