Phones of 2014

Top Mobile Phones of 2014

We’ve dug up some interesting stats from our users in 2014. The most popular handsets this year are: Samsung Galaxy S 4 Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Samsung Galaxy S 5 HTC One M8 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Motorola Moto G Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Apple iPhone 4S 8GB LG G3 LG Nexus 5.

Chinese online shopping statistics and trends

Chinese Online Shopping  - Statistics and Trends

Chinese households with incomes exceeding RMB 7,000 per month. Online purchases made by this tier of young urban households belonging to Tier 1 to Tier 3 cities contribute 53%,58% and 52% of online retail revenue. Check out our infographic, “Chinese Online Shopping Trends”, to know more about the online shopping trends in China per household and other pertinent details.

Don’t Kill Your Phone with a Dodgy Charger

Most of us now rely on our smartphones to make every day a little bit easier, so you’d probably feel lost without yours. This infographic gathers together all the info you need to know on the many dangers of fake mobile phone chargers and how to avoid putting your treasured phone at risk by buying a cheap charger built with substandard components.

Dont kill your phone infographicSource: Dont kill your phone infographic from Electrical Safety First.

National Security Agency Daily Data Collection Infographic

Ever think about how much data the National Security Agency looks at daily? Well the numbers might shock you, cause its around 29 petabytes a day! To put that data amount in perspective, that is equaled to 6,469,937 DVDs or 3,801,088 8GB flash drives. This infographic will break down that data amount even more so everyone can understand just how much data the National Security Agency actually collects.

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